On-Demand Webinar: How can SAP Logistics Business Network (LBN) help improve your Logistics Performance?

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The transportation process may not be the core competency of many shippers, and hence it is subcontracted to carriers, 3PL companies, other experts in most scenarios.

It’s clear that the increasing complexity in the supply chain environment puts at risk the overall logistics performance and customer satisfaction. With the current trends and the challenges amplified by the Pandemic, the communication and transparency between the shipper and the freight forwarder/carrier is playing a critical role, more than ever. This will extend into the post-pandemic world of Supply Chain and Logistics as well.

In this Webinar, you will get an insight into the different SAP TM-supported offerings for carrier-collaboration processes – including the new SAP Logistics Business Network, and the benefits of shifting the supply chain applications from enterprise-centric to a network-centric model. Join us to learn about this exciting product, where experts from Novigo, SAP, and Uber Freight will talk about integrations and functionalities of LBN from both Shippers, and Carriers Point of View.

Topics discussed include:

  • SAP Intelligent Logistics Enterprise Overview
  • SAP Logistics Business Network Vision
  • SAP-Uber Freight Integration
  • SAP LBN Functionalities Covered (Explanation and Demo):
    • Freight Quotation Process- Response from Uber Freight
    • Shipment Confirmation
    • Dock Appointment Scheduling
    • Event Reporting
    • Dispute Management: Invoice Creation and Resolution


Drew Huening
Sales Engineer
Uber Freight
Cam Patters
Dir. of Digital Logistics, North America
Mert Kutluay
Sr. SAP SCM Consultant
Suhas Balakrishna
SAP SCM Consultant


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