p44 & SAP - April 2021

Catch the Wave of Ocean Visibility

We invite you to Catch the wave of Ocean visibility with SAP, project44, and Novigo.

The fireside chat focuses on the Suez Canal incident, its continuing impact on global supply chains, and offer effective solutions to mitigate future disruptions.

Our thought leaders discuss visibility challenges & the role data plays to enable risk mitigation strategies, enhance agility, and increase supply chain resilience.

Key Discussion Points

  • Impact of the Suez Canal incident on global trade, freight delays, customer promises, and downstream supply chain partners
  • Increased need for supply chain visibility and the power of data to aid decision making during disruptions.
  • Mitigate risk by increasing supply chain visibility and build a robust risk management system.
  • Intelligence Insights and how SAP LBN and SAP GTT can help gain more visibility.

Watch Now and learn more about the importance of supply chain visibility and ways to leverage data to manage supply chain risks effectively.


Robin Jaacks
Senior Vice President International Growth
Karl Christian
Chief Solution Expert for SAP Track and Trace Solutions
Dennis  Bisschops
Director Supply Chain Management
Chris Schwab
Director Supply Chain Management

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